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Video from AppSec USA 2011 now available

OWASP has posted video from my talk at AppSec USA 2011. I haven’t yet built up the nerve to watch it yet (who likes to watch themselves?), so I can’t say how good it is, but hopefully it is interesting and informative. Update: it seems the video is just slides & audio – which is probably a good thing. Second Update: I’ve been told I do appear in the video – I probably should watch more of it before updating.

Behavioral Security Modeling Video

I encourage you to peruse the talks list and watch the talks you may have missed (if you were able to attend), or anything that looks interesting (if you were not). This was my first experience with OWASP, and I have to say I was impressed by both the openness and the professionalism. Thanks to everyone in OWASP MSP who helped make AppSec 2011 a great success!